5 of the Best Infographics on Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a rapidly growing niche. The ease with which people can set up their own blogs and websites means that more and more people are joining affiliate programs in the hopes of making some extra money out of their hobbies.  Affiliate marketing is good for business owners, bloggers, and internet marketers alike.  Here are a few of our favourite infographics that explain the subject of affiliate marketing.

1.    What is Affiliate Marketing

This easy to understand infographic by Pepperjam explains how affiliate programs work for both website owners, and the businesses that they are promoting.

What is Affiliate marketing

2.    Affiliate Marketing 101

This infographic is aimed at publishers that want to take part in affiliate programs.  It explains the process from starting a website to adding content, joining programs, and adding links to your content in order to monetize your traffic.  The advice is simple, but the mantra of “repeat what works” is definitely a good one to remember.

affiliate marketing 101

3.    18 Affiliate Marketing Tips to Promote Affiliate Products

This information-dense infographic offers eighteen tips for affiliate marketers.  The tips range from using seasonal content to attract visitor’s interest, to producing special reports, writing product reviews, and running webinars.  If you are already involved in affiliate programs, and want to push your efforts beyond banners and in-text links, then the suggestions included in this infographic could be incredibly useful.

18 affiliate marketing tips infographic

4.    Google’s Love/Hate Relationship With Affiliates

If there’s one group of webmasters that struggles with SEO, it’s affiliates.  Google seems to have something of a love/hate relationship with affiliate websites. On the one hand, it’s affiliates that grew AdWords into the successful business that it is today, but on the other hand affiliates are trying to both buy and monetize traffic, meaning that their content may not always be the most relevant to searchers.  Google heavily penalizes doorway pages and feed-driven sites that have a lot of duplicate content.  This infographic looks at the ways that Google perceives affiliate websites.

5.    Affiliate Marketing Goes Mobile

Mobile internet usage has skyrocketed over the last few years, and a growing number of people are permanently glued to their smartphones, using them for social media, price comparison, and to find places to eat and shop when they’re out and about.  If you’re not trying to monetize smartphone users, you’re missing out on some incredible opportunities.

This infographic explains exactly how important the mobile segment is, and explains the opportunities that are out there for publishers.

Getting started as an affiliate is easy, but achieving success can take a long time.  If you’re trying to break in to the world of affiliate marketing, then don’t expect overnight success.  Take your time, do plenty of research, and work on your site or your network consistently.  It takes time to build up a steady stream of traffic, and competition is fierce – especially in niches such as entertainment and travel.  Success is possible for people that are willing to put in the work, however.



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