5 Twitter Using Tips for Affiliate Marketers

There is a long debate about using Twitter for affiliate marketing. The effectiveness of it depends on who you are and what you’re promoting but one thing that really matters is how you use Twitter. If you are convinced Twitter is the place for you and your product and want to improve your conversions then read on.

1.       Don’t Lie

Don’t promote products that you don’t know about and have never tried. It’s too risky, especially if you have a reputation that you should protect. Once your followers realise that it’s not a genuine recommendation and you’re only doing it for money they’ll never trust you again. Honesty is the best policy! Get affiliated and promote the products you have tried and genuinely believe in. It’ll be a lot easier that way and worth your while!

2.       Personalise Your Tweets

Don’t tweet automatically generated tweets; write your own and personalise them. There are a lot of studies and research that confirm this; personalised tweets get more responses and conversions than non-personalised. If you don’t personalise your recommendation it simply won’t look trustworthy.

3.       Be Relevant

This isn’t just for Twitter – generally in affiliate marketing aim to be relevant. You wouldn’t buy a phone from a butcher would you? If you do you’re very brave but generally people avoid buying or listening to advice from people who aren’t specialised in that area. It does seem opinionated but we look for relevance every day and in most things. Twitter is no different. Tweet about the products people could associate or affiliate you with; don’t go promoting products that are not of any interest to you and have nothing to do with you.

4.       Don’t Oversell

Look at your Twitter and if all you can see are promotional tweets then you need to change your tweeting habits. Don’t oversell. Try and have a conversation with people; connect with your followers first and promote after. If you can squeeze them into a conversation you’re having with someone you’ve already achieved tip 1, 2, and 3. If you can’t do that and you only use Twitter to promote your products stick to the 10:1 ratio: for every 10 conversations or non-promotional tweet you send you can send one promotional Tweet. This doesn’t apply if you tweet 60 times a day though. Once again, don’t overdo it.

5.       Be of Use

Listen to your followers and genuinely know who they are and what they need. If they have potential problems you have noticed then tweet things to help them. Make sure the products you’re tweeting about are of use to your followers and if they solve a problem they have – even better!

Marketing and advertising are terms that aren’t usually perceived as positive terms so promoting as subtly as possible should be your aim at all times. To wrap up: be truthful and only promote something you know. Let your followers know that you’re in fact a human being and you write the tweets. Only promote things that you could really be affiliated with. Don’t be too pushy and always remain helpful and useful to your followers.